It all began in 1970 with Newfoundland and continued with breeding between the years 1975 to 1997.

Here are all the Newfoundlandlitters.

Some photos.


In 1979 the first litter of Leonberger was born in Norway at kennel av Nordens Løve.
From that litter I bought the bitch Such Alejona Ginny av Nordens Løve. She became the start of my breeding.

My first litter came in 1981 and that was the start of a very successfull breeding with around 40 champions of show and obedience.
During the years about 250 puppies has seen the light at the kennel. From theese an number has been bred and today you can find Lejonlands leonbergers in many swedish and finnish pedigrees.
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I want a big powerful leonberger with lots of body and beautiful lines. At the same time it needs to be a working dog and be a great friend to the family.

Basset Hound
1986 the pack was extended to a little Basset bitch Such Masterminds Rambling Rose. Rosa became the founding mother to all our bassets and we couldn´t have started in a better way.
During the years we have had few litters but always breeding towards a healthy basset that have the body and power to hunt.
We are now stepping into the future with our German import bitch Classical Music of My Sweet Home. We hope to get new and fresh blood from our Opera.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeén
In 1997 we recieved three adult dogs and one puppy from a kennel on the down. That was the start of a short but great time with the breed.
During 2004 we have decided to stop breeding the Petit. Now the breeding concentrates to Leonberger and Basset Hound.

Our Petitlitters.